Diligent meditation is not only used to focus on one attention and make the body back relaxed. Scientific studies prove that meditation not only provides calm but also physical health. If you want to benefit from meditation, of course, you have to meditate properly. Visit our website and get mindfulness meditation.

Here are some important reasons for meditation:

– Increase sexual satisfaction

The study, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine in 2011, found practicing meditation regularly will increase sexual satisfaction in women. In addition, those who regularly meditate also admitted his passion more easily raised by his partner.

– Clear the mind

The main purpose of doing meditation is basically to train awareness. Those who regularly meditate are more careful about what they do or the decisions they make. Meditation also helps us see each issue more clearly. Therefore, people who have strategic positions as decision makers will benefit greatly by doing meditation.

– Strengthens mentally

Meditation can protect a person from events that cause psychological trauma, such as war or divorce. In a 2010 study of US soldiers preparing for war, those who practiced meditation for 8 weeks were found to have higher and quieter awareness.

– Increased empathy

Self-awareness, the concentration of attention on the deep connection between mind and body found by practicing meditation can be a capital to enhance our empathy for others.

– Increased focus

Our daily life that never separated from mobile phones, laptops, iPad, and other gadgets unwittingly makes us difficult to be in the present. Our breathing exercises and meditation silence will restore focus, help control the mind, and develop a healthy mind.

In some literature mentioned, meditation is a practice of relaxation that involves emptying the mind of all things interesting, burdensome, or worrisome in everyday life. Meditation has actually existed for a long time and is often done by people of old. During this time, meditation is often misunderstood by most people because it is considered a useless activity and a waste of time. In fact, meditating indirectly related to the game on the brain.