A business needs the right promotion. The development of the internet makes the process of promoting a business run online. There are many marketing techniques that can be done on the internet. One marketing technique that many people do is SEO techniques. You can optimize your own SEO or you can use quality SEO services. You can use the service of agencia seo alicante to get the right SEO optimization.

One of the things that affect SEO is a website. You must have a website with good loading speed. If the loading process on your website is slow, then customers can leave your website quickly. Here are some ways to increase loading speed on your website.

1. You must make plug-ins that are really needed
If a website requires plug-ins, use plug-ins that are really needed. Remove plug-ins that are not related to content. The presence of plug-ins can reduce website loading speed.

2. You must minimize image size
The easiest way to optimize an SEO website is to use a small size image. Small size does not mean you provide unclear images. You can reduce image resolution to produce optimal website loading speed. Use a website like GTMetrix to check website loading speed.

3. Using cache
The cache can be used as a file storage website that has been visited. The cache will increase the speed of loading websites that have previously been visited because visitors do not need to re-download files on the website.

The speed of a website can affect the SEO that you use. So, you have to optimize your website so that the SEO can run well. Maximizing a website can be the best way to maximize your SEO. You have to create a website that has fast loading and you have to make a mobile-friendly website.