The availability of various types and brands of supplements may make you confuse which products should be cosnsumed. Here we provide tips on how to choose the right supplements & safe for your body. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the SARMS user review to know more about a fine supplement for muscles building.


As a consumer, one thing you may not realize is that not all fitness supplements on the market today are the same. Some of them may be harmful to your body. Supplements are supplements that “authentic but fake” that is not guaranteed security for your health. Usually, these supplements are sold at a price cheaper than the market price.

Recent years are increasingly found supplement products that are proven to contain harmful substances that potentially pose a threat to health. For that, choose an official supplement (usually there is an original sticker from the authorized distributor of the brand in your country) and already registered in Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. Why? It’s because the official products are products imported directly by authorized distributors so authenticity is guaranteed and the supplements listed in Food and Drug Supervisory Agency are products that have been tested and guaranteed not to contain ingredients that can be harmful to our body. While the illegal supplements or Black Market could have been re-formulated or added with harmful ingredients (eg steroids).

Define Your Goal

To find the right supplements, you need to know your goals first. Here are some kinds of goals that are usually chosen by the fitness mania.

Adjust your Budget

After determining the goal and knowing which type of supplement you should consume, the next step is to adjust your budget to the product you want to buy.

Those are the tips that we can share with you this time, and remember to only choose the products that reputable and also approved by the government, so you can successfully build up some muscles without having any risk in ruining your health.