Many people adjust the shape and material of their roof with the concept of the house they are using. This must be done so that you can have a perfect home concept. However, if you cannot install a roof on your own, then you can use the services of a roofing company in birmingham. The roof of the house is an important part of the house.

The roof of the house has several forms. The shape of the roof also has a different function. These are some forms of roofing and their functions.

Hip Roof
The roof of this one house is a roof design that is most often used by many people. The design is simple and easy to build. This roof combines 4 sides of the wall of the house and is shaped like a triangle. In ancient times people used dry straw as roof tiles, but as time went on, straw was replaced with red bricks, steel, and ceramic tiles. Although it looks simple, the triangle design above this house can fend off strong winds because the roof surface is uneven.

Flat roof
The flat house roof is favored by lovers of minimalist home design. Moreover, people who are eyeing a minimalist budget design house. The flat roof is a suitable choice for you who want to drive the cost of building your house. The material is not much and easier to build, so it automatically saves time too. At one corner of the roof, the surface will be made tilted to prevent water from flooding. Suitable for leak-proof home designs caused by heavy rain.

Roof of Hexagon
Hexagon house roofs are usually built for the gazebo, but there are also many houses that use this design. Formed from six triangles connected to each other, the hexagon roof can add its own charm to your home. The point of the meeting is pointed with a drastic sloping step that can block strong winds, just right for homes in windy areas.