Paintball is an exciting and fun war game. The game uses compressed air guns and paint bullets and is usually played with teams in the field arena. This activity is very good for learning how to coordinate in teams and also carry out strategies in order to combat war. In addition, for each participant who plays paintball, he will train in making good plans, build trust in leaders who give instructions, generate motivation to contribute to winning this game. Participants are also trained in endurance or endurance, and also discipline and courage.

Before you play paintball, you need to read the following 9 tips for beginners:

1. Bring personal equipment: shoes, socks, change of clothes, towels, etc.

2. Ensure that the equipment used for playing is fully used (protective clothing, face masks, and hoppers, ie containers of paint bullets to be inserted into the rifle).

3. Practice first before starting to compete. Familiarize yourself until you are adept at refilling bullets and can move comfortably with a shotgun.

4. Follow all the rules of the game that were instructed, don’t play with this rule, you know … because it can be dangerous, for example, areas/body parts that cannot be shot must be strictly adhered to.

5. Do not waste bullets because the number of bullets is limited, do not let the new game begin You have to get out of the field because it runs out of bullets.

6. Clever when hiding and beware with the surroundings. Never stay in an open area for sure you will be an easy target for your opponent to shoot.

7. Back up each other in the team. Avoid going forward individually, better advance in small groups.

8. Move fast in the forward and surround the opposing team, don’t let your team be surrounded first.

9. If you are shot in the Death Match round in the last round, immediately give the remaining bullets to other partners in the one team that is ‘still alive’. Likewise, if we are ‘still alive’ immediately remind our colleagues who were shot to give the bullets left.