The security of an account must indeed be maintained because there are now many crimes on the internet that can happen to many people. So, now there are many people who use multi factor authentication to secure their accounts. The secured account can be maintained by people who try to enter into the account and commit a crime log me once.

The existence of account protection from multiple security is indeed one way that can protect an account from various crimes. Below are some of the crimes that often occur on the internet and you must be aware of them well.

1. Customer Acquisition Costumer
Acquisition is an attempt to lure computer users to access malicious software sites so that they can get the data and IP of the computer user. In fact, sometimes big events are also used to do this. It is better, you must be careful in accessing a site and ensure that the site is safe to enter.

2. Insider Threat
This is a threat from within. So far, many companies consider cyber crime always come from outside, even though cyber crime can also occur from within the organization or company. Employees of a company can use company confidential data to make money or even revenge for one thing. There are various kinds of crime and interruptions and you must always be aware.

3. Carding
This is a shopping process that uses the numbers or identities of other people’s credit cards, which of course are obtained illegally. The name of the culprit is a carder. The carder will take an identitas and using it. Another term for this type of crime is cyber fraud or fraud in cyberspace.

4. Hacking
This is an activity to enter into the program of another person or other party. Hacker is the name of a person who likes to get into someone else’s computer without the person’s permission.