In men, there is one hormone that should not be less in the body. That hormone can affect the appearance and life of the man. the hormone in question is the hormone testosterone. If you still do not know what testosterone does, then this article will help you to understand it.

This hormone is the key that distinguishes men from women. research proves that this hormone is responsible for more than just the biological differences between men and women. there is a research that says that testosterone can increase strength of bone and help someone feel better who over 65 who lack the hormone. In fact, there are several functions of testosterone that have just been known by many, such as

– Make a man look more attractive
There is a study that found that the hormone testosterone higher levels in a man can make the man attractive in the eyes of women. this of course depends on the appearance of the man physically on his body.

– Reduce fat in the abdomen
Testosterone therapy in someone shows that this hormone also affects the person’s waist. In various studies showed there is a reduction in the amount of fat in the stomach in men who were given testosterone.

– Better quality of life
Need to know that the low level of testosterone associated with the increased risk of depression, fatigue in a person and emotions that not stable so that he is easily irritable.

– Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
A man that has a higher levekl of testosterone will affected by Alzheimer’s disease. They are stronger that someone who has that hormone in less. In fact, they have verbal memory, spatial abilities, and better math.

– Make your sex life better
Many studies have revealed that the hormone helps men with sexual density reenact their arousal. In fact, this can increase sexual desire for men who have long lost it.
Of the various functions of the hormone, it is clear that the hormone is needed by men.