Some people certainly like vintage objects that are rich in memories and meaning. One of the vintage objects that are still often sought by many people is vinyl records. vinyl records are known to have clear sound quality and a very artistic cover. For that, there are often many people who collect it. However, vinyl records certainly cannot be played without a turntable. Best Turntable with Built-in Speakers Under $100 you can choose to get a good quality turntable.

If you have a turntable, there are actually a number of positive things you have done but you don’t realize. Some positive things that are meant here are

1. Support for music
With the internet, the music world has been affected. CD sales are down. Many artists lose because their work is no longer bought by people even though they have to spend money on recording, training, production, and so on. In recent times, there have been many young people who have returned to buying tapes in physical form rather than having to download them from the internet. The point is to invite young people to buy musicians in the form of CDs, tapes, or vinyl records. Then as we know, the vinyl record is still an idol for many people.

2. Contains many memories
Vinyl records represent the past and memories you’ve been through. In life, there is a time when someone longs for the past and always wants to go back there. Want to go back to good times when he was little, or first love, and so on. Playing past music through vinyl records is one of the best ways you can do it.

3. Matches waves in the brain
It is said that the vibrations of vinyl record recordings are very compatible with waves in the brain. This happens because the vinyl record is recorded analogically which happens to be compatible with the work function of our body such as the ear and brain which are analog too.