Event Organizer (EO) is those who provide management services or management of an event professionally. EO helps clients who rent them from the beginning of the event to the end of the event according to each client’s request. They must arrange the event schedule, the stage, and also thinking of the Content Creation. Actually, EO can be divided into several types according to their specialties.

Here are several types of common event organizers:

Marriage EO

This one is better known as “Wedding Organizer”. Wedding Organizer’s duties and functions are the same as EO but Wedding Organizer is only for wedding events. Wedding Organizer usually takes care of all the necessities for both traditional and modern weddings, ranging from venues, catering, wedding dresses to decorations. A Wedding Organizer must not only understand how to entertain guests and so on, but also emphasizes that the Wedding Organizer must understand and maintain the sanctity of the wedding itself both at the time of the contract and reception.


MICE stands for Meeting Incentive Convention Exhibition. So EO MICE is EO whose specialty is events such as exhibitions, meetings, EXPO, training, and seminars. The market of this EO is more to the company than personal. Events that are held or handled by this type of EO usually last longer than events made by other types of EO. And usually, the EO team of this type is also bigger and bigger. The MICE industry is now better known as “The Meetings Industry” in the industrial world.

Music & Entertainment EO

Music EO is, of course, the one who specializes in making music events such as concerts, new album launches, and so on. EO music must have a strong channel with artist/talent managements especially singers and bands.

Brand Activation EO

This type of EO is an EO whose specialization and function helps clients promote/introduce a brand with the client’s goal to increase sales and introduction of a product to a product to the community or consumers by interacting directly with the target client community. In the development of this EO in the industrial world more often referred to and known as the Agency.