The air conditioner is one part of the car that can not be separated. The car will become very uncomfortable when the air conditioner inside is damaged. In addition to the air conditioner, other parts of the damaged car will definitely cause your car uncomfortable to use. If it breaks, you may spend a lot of money to fix it and buy expensive new components. if you want to find the components that have been used but still have good quality, then you will surely find junkyards near me. Dengen using component that has been used by others but has a good quality, you do not need to buy new components and have a high price.

Air conditioner on the car also does not work alone, there are some components that you also need to keep to be in good condition, or if damaged, you can know which parts need to be replaced. Here’s a list of the components in question.

– Compressor
The workings of this component are to suck the gas from the evaporator which has low pressure and temperature and then channeled into a liquid that has a high temperature.
Inside this component, there is also a special oil that serves as a lubricant to facilitate the performance of compressor pad.

– Evaporator
This component has a function to absorb the entire cold from all the process has been passed and then will be blown or issued by the blower so that the cold air spread to all parts of the car.

– Heater
In addition to having a tool that serves to cool the air, air conditioner on the car also has a section that serves to provide heat or warm air in the car. This tool serves to heat the air when the wind is blown by the blower through the heater. The heat obtained comes from the radiator channels in the car engine.

All that parts should always be in good condition so that the air conditioner on the car can work very well to cool all the parts of the car you are using.