Do you have a plan to go to Cooks car company? When talking about the car purchase, sure you have the freedom and option to buy either new or used car, right? Some people even get disappointed after buying a used car. Many people are deceived because it turns out that the car purchased is not in top condition. How do I not be disappointed to buy a used car? It is not easy to buy a quality used car. Especially now more and more ways to change poor quality used cars to look good. Starting from the car that was sold but the former flood, the former collision, until the documents turned out to be fake. As a result, many buyers finally disappointed when it was spent with the amount not small. The difficulty of identifying quality used cars is another thing that may be the reason why some people do not decide to buy the car they want even though they are already in a dealer. Well, there are some things to note when going to buy a used car:

1. Do not be tempted cheap price

There are currently many advertisements in the media that offer used cars at low prices. Should not be tempted by the offered prices. Most of the ads in the paper were disappointing.

2. Buy where you trust

Do not buy used cars anywhere. Especially in illegal and unofficial selling places. Buy at a place of sale that already has a brand and can be trusted. Places that already have a brand (name) will try to keep their good name so they do not want to complain buyers.

3. Do not rush into buying a car

better if buying a used car do not bring a wife. According to him, women usually choose the car emotionally. Easily tempted with a good look. And that looks good could be just outside it.