You who often stay up until morning must have felt smoking after not sleeping all night. A dry throat and an empty stomach are uncomfortable for the smoking time. Smoking at that time will cause the stomach to feel nauseated. This is because staying up will increase the acid content in the stomach increases. The acid content will meet the compounds of cigarette smoke and cause the stomach to feel nauseated. In the meantime, you can also check out the recommended bongs under $100 in the trusted online store.

If you want to smoke after staying up, try drinking water or filling the stomach with scrap first. It will slightly lessen nausea. Water well drunk after a long night.

Do not put cigarettes too long in the mouth

Put cigarettes too cigarettes in our regular mouths often found in people who do heavy labor: construction workers, workshop workers, sometimes also those who work in front of the computer. The habit is not good. In addition, will complicate the process of breathing, secondhand smoke is also allowed to cause irritation to the eyes. Put a cigarette in an ashtray or a safe place when at the same time your hands are working on something to keep cigarette smoke out of the eye.

Give it some time before you smoke again

Giving a time lag between one cigarette with a single bar further to reduce the level of cigarette smoke in the lungs. Give a time lag between 10-15 minutes to connect the next cigarette. In addition to good health, it is also good if you are forced to smoke in a narrow space. Good for your friends who do not smoke.

In addition to giving time lag, taking turns smoking with also be a wise choice as a smoker. Of course for cigarette smoke is not too much. Some friends, sometimes often jokingly follow his friends who lit a cigarette. In fact, before he did not turn on.