Choosing a breast pump is not easy. In general, there are 2 types of pumps of milk that is manual and electric. Sometimes, there are some mothers who feel unsuitable to use an electric breast pump because it can make the nipples become red and sore. However, there is also a feel fit with the electric breast pump because it is practical compared to using a manual breast pump. So you should try using both first and determine the comfort.

1. Manual or Electric Breast pump
First decide which breast pump you want to use, manual or electrically. Manual does not make a sound but can make you feel tired because of using hands to pump breast milk. The manual breast pump is also very light, so it’s easy to carry. As with the electric pump, it usually sounds when it is turned on. However, the pump is electrically easy to use, you just need to install and squeeze in accordance with the level listed on the tool. Electric pumps are more component goods, so you need a special bag to carry it.

2. Breast Pump funnel
Watch the breast pump funnel before buying. Breast pumps have many mouthpieces and sometimes your breast size enlarges requiring larger mouthpieces when pumping.

3. Adjust Budget
Some brands have a slightly higher price than other breast pumps. You must be selective in this regard. Some shops or online shop is selling breast pump, but the price is different. Look for a breast pump with affordable price, comfortable to use, and durable.

4. Buy a New Breast Pump
You can not predict the pump used by a friend is still good or damaged. Should buy a new breast pump to ensure cleanliness.

5. Review by Some Friends
If you are still hesitant to buy a breast pump, ask your closest friend, which breast pump is easier and convenient to use. Although everyone has different opinions, their opinions can be used as a reference to buying a breast pump.