A comfortable holiday starts from the perfect packing. If you specify a departure date, immediately set a time for packing. Do not be too close to departure schedule. Need enough time for the correct packing, to be more relaxed and no important items missed to carry. Certainly not fun if it arrived at the destination, then just realized there are items left behind because of packing in a hurry. In addition, there are many traveling tips that you can find by visiting JohnAlexPro.

Here are some of them:

– Create a List of Luggage
When packing, make a list of what items will be brought. Write a book or notebook on the phone so it is not easy to lose. If you are confused, you can find samples of any items that must be brought on the internet. You can also ask a friend who has already gone to the same destination detention. Ask for any suggestions that are necessary and do not need to be taken.

– Bring Destined Goods Destinations
Remember always to bring goods and purposes in accordance with the destination. If there are items that have not been owned, you can buy or borrow the property of friends. For example, you want a holiday to Europe in the winter, do not delay to buy a thick jacket. Note also about the power plug in the destination country. If different, it means you have to buy a universal plug aka converter.

– Remember the 100 Ml Liquid Rule
If you plan on boarding the plane but want to bring toiletries to the cabin, you should prepare in 100 ml pack. Liquid objects such as perfumes, lotions, soaps, and toiletries or other liquids may be brought to a cabin of origin not more than 100 ml. By bringing the liquid in accordance with the provisions that exist, you will more quickly pass the inspection process at the airport. The streets were going to be more comfortable.