Congratulations to you for completing the thesis trial and being declared graduated by the lecturer! Finally, the eagerly awaited moment arrived, namely graduating from college direct directgov jobs. Surely you and your parents will be proud of the struggle while completing your education to college. Do you try to access directgov jobs to get the job that you qualify for?

However, graduating from college is not the end of the struggle. It is precisely your initial stage to face real life, namely the world of work. Working in accordance with the talents and fields learned during college is everyone’s dream. In reality, not a few people work very contrary to their dreams.

In addition, if the CV in general only shows personal data, education, and achievements briefly, now discuss certain points in more detail. Of course, this will make the company interested in you. The following points need to be considered so that your CV is of high quality.

1. Biodata
Fill in your biodata correctly. Starting from the name, place, and date of birth, complete address of residence, telephone number and email, up to citizenship and personal status.

2. Education
Don’t just include formal education from elementary school to college, but also include non-formal education that you have attended. For example extracurricular, organization, seminar or other training.

3. Achievement
Most people will fill this section with all the achievements that have been achieved, such as coloring competitions, singing or so on. We recommend that you include relevant achievements or those related to your field during your studies. Of course, that will be your added value when applying for a job.

4. Experience
Even though you don’t have work experience, you don’t need to worry. You can include experience at the internship. Give a brief description in paragraph form that explains your role during the internship, such as what activities are carried out, or the tasks you are doing.