Dunia Fantasi, usually called Dufan, always presents interesting games and can always be tried by everyone. This amusement park is located in Kompleks Taman Impian Jaya Ancol which is already quite popular among many people. There are lots of games that you can try there, ranging from adrenaline-challenging games to games that can be enjoyed enough. One game that is never empty of visitors harga tiket dufan promo is arung jeram dufan.

Indeed, there are many rides that you can try there, as written above, arung jeram is one of the attractions that attract tourists. Want to know what rides are always crowded with visitors?

1. Arung Jeram
If you want to feel how challenging this ride is, then you can try it at Dufan. When you take this ride, you will be invited to circle the 325-meter river with a fairly heavy current. Even though it’s just an imitation. But the sensation given by this ride is not inferior to the original arung jeram.

2. Niagara
This ride is a launch boat that you try when visiting Dufan. You will be invited to slide from a height and follow the flow of water. This boat will also teach you to ride as high as 2 meters, then slide free down. Riding this ride, you will feel the sensation of sliding like from Niagara Falls in America.

3. Ice Age Arctic Adventure
If you are a fan of Ice Age animated films, then you must try this ride.
In the animated film, the process of melting ice in the Arctic is told. Now, in Ice Age Arctic Adventure, you can also feel the process of melting ice.
Besides that, there are other exciting things that you can enjoy, namely dark ride. Through the dark ride, you will be invited to adventure with a variety of special effects and advanced technology full of surprises.