¬†According to Bryan Bailey, an animal behavior expert said, dog owners tend to be offensive with their aggressive dog behavior on the grounds that the attacks are unexpected. So even if your dog is in your leather leash, it’d be the best for you to be careful at all time.

“All dogs have the potential to bite,” says Bryan. In fact, however, dogs are animals even though we treat them like family members. Dog baseball has moral awareness or control of rules like humans. Dogs are still animals that are closely related to wolves. You could say dogs are wolves that have been tamed. This is reinforced by the fact that dogs have 99.98% DNA similar to wolves. So, as dog owners, we should be more vigilant no matter how sweet our dog is.

Behavior such as growling and exposing teeth is clearly a sign of aggressive behavior. But, there are other signs that we often misunderstand. According to Bailey the dog who wiggles its tail is a physical response to the conflict.

The best way to prevent a dog from attacking others is by recognizing the behavior of the dog and the trigger. Sometimes the trigger is a small thing that baseball we think of, for example, the reins. According to Bailey, the most common cause of dogs bite than any other tool. Why? Could be because the dog has not trained properly with the bridle or we are too tightly gripped so that cause pain. Holding the reins too loose is also dangerous if the dog behaves in an instant aggressively. Basically, we should make sure the dog is well trained and we as ‘leader of the pack’ are also trained in controlling the reins.

So that’s why as a dog owner, you need to train it properly, and also make sure that you know the right ways of handling your dog when it’s on a leash. On the other hand, the high-quality of a leash which isn’t just strong and flexible but it’s also comfortable for the dog can be necessary.