Keeping yourself busy is one of the effective ways to stop smoking. Looking for other activities aims to divert your mind from craving cigarettes. In the meantime, if you want to try an alternative method for breaking free from smoking addiction, just try the hypnosis to smoking treatment.

There are a number of things you can do to fill your spare time instead of smoking, including:


Take a leisurely walk out of the house.
Keep your hands busy, can play games on your mobile or computer.
Go to the movies or watch exciting TV series.
Spend time with friends and family who don’t smoke.
Go to dinner at your favorite non-smoking restaurant.

When you are in the process of quitting smoking, there will always be a desire to put something in your mouth. It’s because you are used to sucking cigarettes so that when you do not smoke you will feel strange if there is nothing in your mouth.

Therefore, you can replace the cigarettes that you normally put in your mouth with sugar-free gum or healthy snacks. One other unique way that can be done to overcome the difficulty of stopping smoking is to drink cold water through a straw. Inhaling cold water through a straw will also release dopamine which is a brain chemical that can help alleviate a bad mood.

Toothbrush routine

Usually, smokers have the smell of musty breath like the smell of cigarettes. Therefore, one of the good things that you get when trying to quit smoking is clean teeth and mouth breath that feels fresher especially when you brush your teeth frequently.

If you routinely brush your teeth and always have fresh breath, you will feel sorry to dirty them again with cigarette sucking.

Think of the temptation as a mistake

Don’t blame yourself when it comes to wanting to smoke or even smoking a cigarette. Everyone is wrong, even when they are on the right path. This is normal.

However, make the moment a reflection and to promise not to repeat the same mistakes.