Growing old or getting old is a certainty. But then, staying fit at the age of twilight is also a certainty. Even the necessity. So to always fit when it entered the old age, there are many things that must be a concern. Disease in the elderly is often associated with natural phenomena of a human being where after birth, development and growth to a certain extent, then after that the decline of organ function, and finally the death. You can visit in home health care boca raton to get help take care your parents or elder.

The occurrence of various diseases in the elderly is based on the process of decline in organ function as humans travel through life to death. However, doctors who are also the mother of 4 children stated that various diseases in the elderly are very likely to be prevented scientifically according to medical science. Here are some common diseases suffered by the elderly:

1. Hypertension

Hypertensive disease in old age can be considered normal by most people who do not understand about health. Most of them say if the blood pressure of 150/90 mmHg is experienced by the elderly, then it is very common. Hypertension in the elderly is considered normal because in the elderly there has been a change in body function related to the aging process, so according to them, it’s normal if there is an increase in blood pressure in the elderly. In fact, high blood pressure 150/90 mmHg in the elderly can increase the risk of complications resulting from abnormal blood pressure such as heart disease and stroke.

2. Coronary Heart Disease

The incidence of coronary heart disease is commonly associated with someone who has a history of high blood pressure that is not well controlled and has a bad blood lipid profile. Coronary heart disease can be caused due to a blockage due to fat accumulation in blood vessels that come out or to the heart. As a result of a fat blockage in the heart blood vessels arise circulatory disruption that comes in and out of the heart. As a result, the difficulty of heart gets oxygen to regenerate damaged cells. Thus, the heart easily damaged and eventually appear coronary heart disease.