The world of internet and social media is very sticky in our daily lives. One of the ways is through MocoSpace, where we can interact with new friends whose distance even very far from us. Then for those of you who want to have friends not just ‘local’ people and want to widen the network of friends with people abroad, of course, there are ways that you can follow.


Being friends with ‘foreign’ people turned out to bring a lot of benefits for us. Among these, we can recognize the character of a nation from someone who comes from a country. We also get to know their customs, lifestyles, as well as their cultures such as tourist attractions, specialty foods, clothing, and customs. In fact, we can exchange information about what happens in the country directly from the person who experienced it or what is happening in our country.

Keep in mind that you carry the identity of our nation, then as much as possible your behavior does not tarnish the name of the nation. Because others will see our behaviors reflect where we come from. Well, here are 4 tips to get friends ‘strangers’ through social media, may be useful!

1. Same hobbies or interests.
If you have a hobby in a particular field, such as sports, art, culinary, traveling or whatever, you can start search groups or groups from abroad that can open your horizons and get friends through the same hobby.

2. Countries that we like.
Ever been inspired while watching Korean movies or movies from the west? Then do you wish to go to these countries? Surely you will be very curious about everything from these countries. More fun when we have friends from the country we like. Who knows by having friends from outside, you will have a good reference when we have an opportunity to study in their country, get job info or travel.

3. The equation of the profession.
Suppose you are a doctor, teacher, engineer, chef or whatever your profession, you can start a friendship with a foreigner a profession which surely makes it easier for you to exchange knowledge and useful information and can add to your wider insight.