The offered of is equipped with warehouse management services. The facilities offered include a warehouse management system (WMS), security, 24-hour CCTV, electricity and also water. The available warehouse is supported by equipment such as a forklift, hand stacker and hand lift. The type of warehouse rental offered includes an easy warehouse and fix warehouse. An easy warehouse is a warehouse rental service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with a minimum charge of 1m3 / day. While fix warehouse is a monthly warehouse rental service with a minimum charge space of 100m2 per month. This service applies to all types of goods which are general cargo. Warehouse plays an important role in logistics activities. The function of the warehouse or warehouse is to maintain and maintain the inventory to meet user and management needs. That is why the warehouse became one of the key activities in integrated logistics to support the smooth running of the company.

While the purpose of warehousing management and goods management is to improve service to users, improve service time efficiency and optimize the use of existing warehouse facilities. We apply various roles and functions of warehousing management, as well as effective and efficient work processes and procedures to achieve good warehousing management. In the application of warehousing management, we always prioritize work safety with the support of complete material handling. This warehouse is divided into six areas, namely Warehouse A, Warehouse B, Warehouse C, Warehouse D, Warehouse E, and Warehouse F. Some warehouse areas are currently rented by companies as temporary storage places for production goods before being distributed to agents and customers. However, we also still have a warehouse area that is large enough for rent. We are supported by logistic staff who are quite experienced and competent in their fields.

Not only renting out warehouses, but we also provide warehouse management or warehousing management for inventory management of items stored in warehouses. With our warehousing management, the items in the storage warehouse will always be motorized properly.