Are you the type of person who likes to work odd jobs or jump from one task to another? The focus of a branching brain will actually slow down the way you work. So, prepare a list of plans for whatever things you have to do on that day the night before or so upon arrival at the office. Having a plan and preparation before starting work can help you stay focused and productive so that your work time in the office is also effective. On the other hand, you may also go to job centre online if you wish to get a new job going here.

Now technology has made it easier for you to do everything. You can use a reminder application on your cellphone to help remind you of what you have to do in the near future. If necessary, you can also arrange a long-term plan for several months or even a year. After you make a plan, make sure you don’t just click and save it.

Create a priority scale

After making a work plan, it is time for you to set priorities. Sort your work starts from doing important tasks and must be completed as quickly as possible, to other things that are more trivial and can be temporarily set aside. In this way, your work becomes more structured and effective.

Ignore all distractions until the work that is currently in your priority is completely finished.

Determine the working time limit for each “project”

Give a time limit for each task that you have to do and finish on that day. For example, 2 hours to prepare a budget plan or 1 hour to write one article. Try to complete the task in that time period, which also includes the opportunity to evaluate the results of your work.

Determining deadlines for each task helps you be more responsible for the work. The results of your work are ensured to have quality according to the standards set by your leadership.

Remember, ignoring deadlines will only make your work more piling up, which in turn causes your work time to be less than optimal.