Creating a conception de site web is not easy. Especially for newbies who just learn about web design. Already we have been made dizzy by coding-coding. To make the web look more interesting, here are some things you should remember and make reference in designing your blog:

1. Harmony
The first thing before designing a blog is to review which design is best suited to apply to your blog. Do not be Wrong. We recommend that you look for reference first what kind of design that fits with the topic of your blog. If your blog about travel, you should first visit the famous web/blog that discusses travel. just for reference. These points should be remembered as long as you do the blog design steps. Everyone that appears on your blog should be in accordance with the topic of your blog.

2. Usability
In designing a blog, you should pay attention to widgets, Call to action, links and anything that appears on your blog. Then, imagine you become a blog visitor who is very layman. Then, think about what visitors will feel when viewing your blog. Will they feel uncomfortable or feel helpful? Think about whether this widget is needed by your visitors? is this link required by your blog visitors? If you have any doubt about your own considerations, there is no harm in conducting surveys & voting. In essence, everything that appears on your blog should have a valuable benefit to your visitors. So, remove the things that are not important.

3. Effectiveness & simplicity
Once you understand the principle of usability, then you know widgets, links, and what should be displayed on your blog. It’s not done yet. Now, all you have to think about is what visitors feel when using/accessing it all. Generally, people like blogs that are not long-winded and simple. So, show the facility on your blog as effectively and as simple as possible. Suppose correcting anchor links or sentences call to action to 3-5 words only, but not eliminate the main meaning. The more solid and clear, the more readable. In addition, effectiveness and simplicity also save your energy.

4. Navigation
Navigation is referrals, directions or paths in a blog. That’s probably short. Make easy navigation on your blog. Your design may already be liked because of 3 points above. But when visitors visit a page on your blog, not necessarily they still like if your blog navigation difficult.

5. Interest and Eye Care
This point is fundamental to the art of creating a web design. The goal of designing is to get people curious. And, in designing the blog, draw the hearts of visitors with your incredible design.

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