Everyone wants a beautiful hair. Hair becomes an attraction. Women and men often use hair to attract other people’s attention. Hair is also an important element in certain meetings. We can adjust the hair shape according to the event to be attended. But what about the balding men at a young age? The solution is to use Profollica. Profollica is a hair growth serum for men. Do not worry, Profollica cost is very affordable. Although the price is very affordable, the quality is very good. In addition, this serum is also safe and recommended by doctors, so you do not have to worry when using it.

Many of you will ask what is the cause of baldness of young age experienced by men?

– Genetics
The cause of hair damage in the form of hair loss is derived from hereditary factors which means, if one family has a history of balding hair at a young age, then most likely someone who comes from such offspring will experience hair loss problems that lead to baldness as well.

– Bacterial and Fungal Infection
Causes of hair loss in men can also be caused by bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp, especially if not treated promptly with the right treatment. This infection can occur because of the dirty scalp that is rarely cleaned or often too long to wear headgear so that the scalp becomes moist, which allows bacteria and fungi to nest. When it is treated, the hair will grow back as usual. Benefits of apples for hair health is used to overcome mild hair loss in men.

– Chemical Process
Nowadays not only women who like to style the hair, there are men who are so. Many men also like to try the type of hair care in the salon. But the consequences of hair that is too often exposed to chemicals will become easy to fall out. Men can treat hair with the benefits of natural ingredients such as cucumber benefits for hair, the benefits of lemon for hair, and the benefits of coffee for hair.