Do you benefit from SEO service? Nowadays, many businesses do it for various reasons. Now, you can try to get more information about it. This time we will discuss why you should do SEO for your website? For those who don’t know SEO, SEO is Search Engine Optimation, a technique to let you appear on the first page for search engines, whether it’s Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines. Here are some reasons why SEO for websites is important.

1. Many people are looking for products and services through Google

If your business website appears on the first page the possibility for people to visit your website to find out your product will be even greater. Because basically, visitors from Google want to search pages to page 2, usually they will search the first page and if they don’t get the info they want, they will immediately close the browser page.

2. Efficient in bringing in visitors

The second thing is SEO, in our opinion, is efficient enough to bring visitors, for example like this, if for example, you are looking for clothes, with the customer’s habits like that, chances are they are indeed looking for the item. So you don’t have to bother marketing your product, you don’t need to be tired of being door to door, tap on door one to provide information about your product. However, by doing optimization on the website, visitors who are looking for your product will come to the website because back again, your website is on Google on the first page.

3. Your competitors optimizing the search engine

Next, the 3rd and this is what I think is most important if, for example, you don’t do SEO now, most likely your product/service will be out of competition with your competitors.