You certainly have felt that the air conditioner that you have cannot work perfectly. This might happen because there is a lot of dust and dirt there. This indicates that you must immediately service or clean the air conditioner. Perform aircon servicing so that the air conditioner you have can always be clean and work well.

In addition to servicing the air conditioner that you have. There are several ways to use the right air conditioner so that your air conditioner is not easily damaged for several reasons. Some of the ways in question are

1. Read the user manual carefully and carefully. If there is a warranty card that must be returned to the service division of the brand air conditioner, immediately send it. This is to ensure that the air conditioner device is repaired and cleaned in an official place, but if the warranty period has expired, contact the professional air conditioner call service.

2. Pay attention to the electrical power to use the air conditioner. if a conditioner water unit usually requires 1300 watts of power to light up, while the installed power is only 1300 watts, then we should need to increase the electrical power of our home or office to a minimum of 1000 watts again to amount to 2300 watts. This is important so that when the air conditioner is on, we can also use other electronic devices. Do not let electricity in your home or office die-alive-dead-alive-die because the existing electrical power is sucked by its use. The electrical devices in the house and office could be damaged and burned.

3. Turn on the timer/time period for using the air conditioner together with the cooling device turned on. This is according to your needs, of course. Is it an only ½ hour, an hour or 3 hours. The maximum air conditioner is on for 5 hours. After that, let the air conditioner die to cool the engine that has been running for hours.

You can do these three ways so that the air conditioner you use is not easily damaged.